Transilvania Accuracy Landing
Romanian National Championship 2023

Oct 13 - Oct 15, 2023, Sibiu, Romania

Organized by:
Paragliding club “AIR ADRENALINE SIBIU”

Official registration and  check equipment and training round: Fri, 13th oct, (12:00 -15:00)

Contest flying days: Fri, 13th 2023, (16.00) to Sun 15th October 2023, (12.00)

Prize-giving and Closing ceremony:  Sun 15th October 2023 (14:00)

HQ Location: Pensiunea Marginimea Sibiului

Accomodation Pensiunea Marginimea Sibiului

Tel: +40743142713  

EUR 70
All pilots must to pay their entry fees to the
Transilvania Bank Sibiu, Romania
In favour of:

Str. Tipografilor no. 18, Sibiu, Romania
Account Number (IBAN): RO86BTRLEURCRT0364293901
Bank code (BIC): BTRLRO22

Valare 2 : 

Take-off type: gras
Altitude: 1155m ASL
Height difference to landing: 597m
Take-off main direction: N-NE
Favorable winds to take-off : N, NE, NW, W, E


Take-off type: grass
Altitude: 664m ASL
Height difference to landing: 57m
Take-off main direction: N
Favorable winds to take-off:  N, NE, NW 

Tow take-offs:

Magura Cisnadie Aerodrome: 

Take-off type: grass
Altitude: 463m ASL
Track length: 980m
Take-off main direction: N-S
Favorable winds to take-off :  all directions

Other appropriate sites may be used by the Meet Director.

Daily schedule

Typical daily schedule

• 08:00 - Headquarters open

• 08:30 - Deadline for complaints/protests of the previous day (see 19.3. & 23.)

• 08:30 - Team leader briefing

• 09:00 - Transportation to Take off

• 10:30 - Pilot briefing / Start of competition day

• 18:00 - End of competition day

• 19:00 - Headquarters closes

• 20:00 - Complaints resolution published

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at the Daily Team Leader Briefing or Pilot Briefing and posted on the noticeboard.

Selection rules

Registration shall be in accordance with Common Section 7-5 and Section 7C-2.

The official registration will be on:

Friday, 13th October 2023, (12:00 - 15:00)

Entry Forms will be  completed and signed during the registration.

The following is required from all pilots at registration:

• Valid Pilot Licence (if provided by NAC)

• Valid FAI Sporting Licence (will be checked on-line before the event)

• IPPI  SAFE PARA level 4 A (or equivalent demonstration of competency)

• A valid insurance certificate covering public liability risk.

Each competitor will be requested to sign:

• The Waiver Declaration (agreement on release of liability).

• The Certified Glider/Equipment Statement.

• The Entry Form.


Meet Director
Diana Calin

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Location: Sibiu, situated in the center of Romania, in Southern Transylvania

  1.  Geographic coordinates: 45048' N - 24029' E

  2.   Road distances: highway - 250km from Bucharest, 345km from Hungary (west) and 329km from Serbia (south-west)

  3.   Airports:

  • Sibiu International Airport, regular flights to and from Vienna, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dortmund, London, Madrid;
  • Cluj Napoca International Airport 170km from Sibiu, regular flights to and from Frankfurt, Budapest, Eindhoven, Liverpool, Barcelona, Cyprus, Stockholm, Nice, Dublin.

The competition will be located in the close proximity of the city (18km) in an area called Marginimea Sibiului ( Gura Raului – Cisnadie - Sadu), at the junction between Cindrel Mountains and Sibiu’s Depression.
The highest take off altitude is 1174m and the landing fields are located at an altitude between 420-554m.