7th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championships 2022

2nd September – 10th September 2022, Sibiu, Romania

Organized by:
Paragliding club “AIR ADRENALINE SIBIU”
Romanian Aeronautical Federation

Local Area Info:

The competition will be located in the close proximity of the city (18km) in an

area called Marginimea Sibiului ( Gura Raului – Cisnadie - Sadu), at the junction between Cindrel Mountains and Sibiu’s Depression.
The highest take off altitude is 1174m and the landing fields are located at an altitude between 420-554m.

Ancient pastoral settlement, Marginimea Sibiului, is characterized by a variety of access ways to the mountainous area and benefits of the mild climate specific to closed depressions, bordered by high mountains.
The average annual air temperatures vary according to the relief, with values between -4ºC and +19º C in the depression areas and between -4,3ºC and +13,1ºC in the mountain area. Maximum average temperatures are recorded in July and August with values around 22-25ºC.
The relative humidity of the air in the Marginimea Sibiului area has an annual average of 75% and the aridity index is 40.
The atmospheric precipitations vary according to the rainwater regime, specific to the temperate continental climate, reaching a maximum in the summer months (June ≥ 100mm) and a minimum in the winter months (February 23 mm).

The winds are heavily influenced by the relief, both in direction and intensity. Due to its position of intramontane depression, sheltered by the chain of the Southern Carpathians, a low frequency of winds is observed, the atmospheric calm being an important characteristic of the this area. Annual average speeds range between 3.5m/s in the lowlands and a maximum of 5-8m/s in the mountain range.

The annual average reported indicates the predominance of winds from N-V (13%) and S-E (8,2%).

September is a period of the year when climatic conditions are favorable for paragliding due to the decrease in summer instability and temperature and humidity oscillations, which facilitate the occurrence of atmospheric calm days with low wind speeds, pleasant temperatures, and reduced influence of valleys and depressions in the appearance of thermal phenomena.

Pilot: EUR 350

Bank informations:
Transilvania Bank Sibiu, Romania

Tipografilor no 18, Sibiu, Romania
Account Number (IBAN): RO86BTRLEURCRT0364293901
Bank code (BIC): BTRLRO22

What is provided:
• Transport to the take-off and retrieve.
• Emergency rescue and first aid medical service.
• Tow launches.
• Pilot identification number.
• ID card & safety/contact information.
• Lunch package, refreshments. • Daily transportation to and the take-off/ landing place
• Competition T-shirt.
• Free access to all competition events and parties.
• Free internet (Wi-Fi) access at the HQ.

The Entry Fee does not include:
• Accommodation.
• Breakfast and Evening Dinner.
• Airport Transfer (transportation)
• Daily transportation to HQ for meetings.

Refund policy: In the event of pilot withdrawing from the competition before 15th August 2022 and who cannot be replaced by a qualified pilot, a 50% refund will be offered. Withdrawing received after this date will not be eligible for a refund except if the withdrawal is linked to the Covid-19 pandemic or at organizers’ discretion in any other case. If, at any time, a pilot withdraws and is replaced by another from the same country, there is no charge

Valare 2 :                 Take-off type: grass

                                  Altitude: 1155m ASL

                                  Height difference to landing: 597m

                                  Take-off main direction: N-NE

                                  Favorable winds to take-off : N, NE, NW, W, E

                                  Start coordinates: 45042'1.83'' N  23058'37.23''E


Stanca Lupului:      Take-off type: grass

                                  Altitude: 1117m ASL

                                  Height difference to landing: 559m

                                  Take-off main direction: W-E

                                  Favorable winds to take-off: W, SW, SE, E

                                  Start coordinates: 45042'2.88'' N  23059'26.36''E


Clopotiva:               Take-off type: grass

                                  Altitude: 1160m ASL

                                  Height difference to landing: 666m

                                  Take-off main direction: N

                                  Favorable winds to take-off:  N, NE, NW 

                                  Start coordinates: 45028'20 N  22048'35’’


Garbova:                 Take-off type: grass

                                  Altitude: 758m ASL

                                  Track length: 156m

                                  Take-off main direction:  NW-NE

                                  Favorable winds to take-off :  W-NW-N-NE- E

                                  Start coordinates: 45°49'36"N   24°40'32"E

 Tow take-offs:

Magura Cisnadie Aerodrome:  Take-off type: grass

                                                        Altitude: 463m ASL

                                                        Track length: 980m

                                                        Take-off main direction: N-S

                                                        Favorable winds to take-off :  all directions

                                                        Start coordinates: 45044'16.76'' N  24009'53.02''E

Event programme:

Official registration and equipment check : Fri, 2nd September, (12:00 - 19:00)

Official registration, equipment check : Sat, 3rd September, (8:30 - 11:00)

Training day: Sat, 3rd September, (12:00 - 16:00)

Opening ceremony: Sat, 3rd September (19:00)

Mandatory Safety Briefing: Sun, 4th September, (09:00-10:30)

Team Leader Briefing daily, (08:15 -08:45)

Contest flying days: Sun, 4th September to Sat, 10th September

Prize-giving and Closing ceremony: Sun, 11th September (10:00)

Typical daily schedule

• 08:00 - Headquarters open

• 08:30 - Deadline for complaints/protests of the previous day

• 08:30 - Team leader briefing

• 09:00 - Transportation to Take off

• 10:30 - Start of competition day

• 18:00 - End of competition day

• 19:00 - Headquarters closes

• 20:00 - Complaints resolution published

Rest day In accordance with Section 7C-3.7.

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at the Daily Team Leader Briefing or Pilot Briefing and posted on the noticeboard.

  • Airspace

The competition area is outside the air traffic control zones, except for the certified aerodromes where the winch tow tests will be hold. For these controlled areas, protocols between traffic authorities and aerodrome owners are in force, which allow current flight operations to take place, so we will not have problems with these issues.
In the mountain area as well as in the depression area the maximum admissible flight level is FL 100 respectively 3050m.
As organizers of the competition we will take all required measures both at local and national air traffic authorities’ level in order to ensure the competition airspace throughout its development.

  • Safety issues: 

There are no major flight safety issues in the contest area. Although there are valleys and forested areas specific to mountainous areas, they do not create dangerous situations, as there can be found many openings, meadows, potential landing areas and the road and access network in the area is fast and easy. Until now, only 3 minor accidents have been recorded in this area over the last 20 years, mainly due to pilots’ error. Assuming that the level of training of pilots participating in a European Championship is high, we consider that there are no problems with the flight safety in the area.

  • Transport

Transfer to takeoff areas will be provided by the organizers with buses and off-road vehicles. Departing point for takeoffs transfer will be the landing area. Transfer time to takeoff is approximately 30-40 minutes. On winch tow testing days, transfer will also be provided by the organizer with departing point at Headquarters.

  • Rescue/Medical Services:

First aid and Medical Assistance
Throughout the competition medical services will be provided by specialized medical personnel, ambulance and medical facillities adequate for sports competitions.

Hospital Assistance
Sibiu is an important university medical center, where there are a number of large hospitals specialized in all types of traumas and diseases. These hospitals are adequately equipped and benefit of a high quality service both in private and public medical institutions, providing all types of investigations and procedures required in a wide variety of medical conditions.
The Integrated Emergency System uses the unique European number (112) and is capable of addressing any complex emergency situation in a timely manner. The intervention time is reduced due to short distances between flight zones and urban areas, as well as the interoperability between the medical system and the mountain rescue and gendarmerie.
As part of the same integrated system, SMURD provides the intervention of a medical helicopter within 30 minutes from the occurrence of any serious event.

Mountain rescue.
The most efficient mountain rescue team in Romania is operating in the Sibiu area, due to its proximity to various montane zones, which benefits from a very high number of professionals qualified in mountain rescue operations. Throughout the competition we will have a mountain rescue team with a first-aid ambulance ready to intervene at any time in any hard-to-reach or wooden areas. It is also important to point out that some of the members of the Air Adrenaline Club Sibiu are attested as volunteer mountain rescuers and frequently participate in joint rescue actions alongside Public Rescue Service.

  • Liaison with police, military, public services:

Near all flight locations there are local services specialized in order maintainance and facillitation of outdoor activities. In the entire mountainous area, the Public Service of Montane Gendarmerie provides mandatory assistance to all organized events.

  • Insurance

In Romania, emergency mediacal interventions are free of charge and borne by the state. All other investigations run once the patient’s life is not anymore in danger run on patient’s account.
What is required from pilot:
● appropriate Medical Insurance certificate (no specific amount)
● appropriate Third Party Liability Insurance certificate (no specific amount)
● documentary proof of insurance (in English) must be presented to organizers before the start of the championship.

  • Communications:

Radio usage is alowed within the competition on assigned frequencies. It is strongly for each competitor to use VHF hand-held radio on the dedicated Safety frequency. As a reference we are usually working on 144.800 - 144.875.

  • Weather: 

The chosen period corresponds to the low season’s lowest atmospheric instability. Atmospheric activity is reduced, major temperature fluctuations not occuring during this period, which makes the night and day differences insignificant.
Usually, early autumn days are very pleasant with temperatures ranging between 22 and 23ºC, low winds and high visibility. Due to the meteorological peculiarity of depressions surrounded by high mountains, in the continental temperate zone, this period is also called the "little summer". Precipitations are reduced in quantity and frequence and bad weather is highly unprobable as are sudden changes in general weather conditions.
The recommended wind speed both at take-off and landing area is up to 7m/s.

  • Meteorology

To provide a maximum safety and fair competition we will monitor the weather with our meteorologist 24/7 prior and during the competition.
Daily monitoring of:
● most reliable web resources for forecasts
● automatic wind stations
● details provided by satellite weather sations
● webcams
Weather reports will be given on briefings.
In the 20 km radius of the competition, we have meteorological data from two important stations (one located in the immediate vicinity of Sibiu International Airport and a second one in the Cindrel mountain area in Paltinis at 1450m alt). In addition, in 2018, with the support of the Gura Raului City Hall, we will mount a weather station on the Valari Plateau and a webcam that will transmit real-time streaming data from the place of takeoff.

  • Event Headquarters:

HQ will be organized in the conference hall of the House of Culture. We will dispose of a large room for more than 150 people with internet access for all participants. This location will host pilots registration, safety sessions and other information sessions scheduled during the competition. The venue is located in the central area of Sibiu at maximum 1km from any accommodation of the participants. We are considering the organization of a secondary HQ in the town of Gura Raului, 500m away from the landing area. This secondary HQ will be located in the Cultural Center of Gura Raului and benefits from all the facilities (internet, capacity of aprox. 200 pers, copy center, telephone, etc.). If most of the participants will opt for accommodation in the rural area in the immediate vicinity of the city, we will organize all activities at this location, with only the opening ceremony and the closing/award ceremony to be held in the city center.

  • Local facilities:

Generally, in Romania, prices for tourist stays are affordable compared to other neighboring EU member states. As tourist attraction, Sibiu offers a wide variety of facilities. In the urban área, Sibiu dispose of all types of accomodation, from hostels to 5 stars hotels. Prices are very accessible and in most cases they also include breakfast.
Accommodation examples:
● hotels - 30-50 euros/day
● apartments- 20-30 euro/day
● private room accomodation: from 10euro/ day
For accommodation in the rural area, you can opt for guest houses (Marginimea Sibiului area is known as a European destination of excellence for this type of tourism) where prices vary between 10 and 15 euro / day all inclusive.
Regardless the chosen type of accommodation, participants will have access to markets, restaurants, bars, and clubs in the immediate vicinity of all locations. As for the food markets, the operating program of some is non-stop.

  • Media coverage, publicity, sponsorship:

In order to promote this competition we will program appearances both in written and spoken media at local and national level. We plan to broadcast the contest live on internet. For local promotion we will place a screen in the central square of the city, which is the main meeting point, so that tourists and locals can watch live images from take-off and landing, as well as a real-time ranking.
We will have a PR officer who will broadcast daily news to newspapers and televisions, as well as a team specializing in taking photos and video filming throughout the event.
Press conferences will be held both before and after the event, where statics and final results will be presented.
Sponsors will be promoted through logo inscription on all competition materials, panels, maps, jerseys, etc., but also promotion in live broadcasts on the internet or in the pedestrian area of ​​Sibiu central square.

  • Competition website:

Website will be set already for the test event. Via an website competitors and national teams will get all necessary information on the location, access, take-off and landing places, weather  etc.
All details about registration and payment will be published in due time, as well as local regulations.  The website will enable online payments of entry fees for both pilots and team leaders.
Also on the website, all contact and general information (accommodation booking, car rental, transfers, complete competition schedule, day and night events etc) will be published. During the championship we will publish daily results, photos, press releases, final results and final comments.

  • Finance and sponsorship: 

As far as foundrasing is concerned, we have already set tentative meetings with local and national entities that might be interested. At the moment we can only count with the support of the National Aeronautical Federation and the Free Flights Romanian Association. Following discussions with local authorities and City Hall representatives, we have decided to enroll for the grant calls on sporting events available for 2020 according to legal procedures of financial support in Romania. As far as private sponsorship is concerned, Sibiu County is one of the most economically powerful regions of Romania and there are important indicators for successfully achieving the proposed budget. So far all competitions organized by Air Adrenaline Sibiu have had as main source of funding private organizations.

  • Visas, Vaccinations:

No FAI member will be refused. Being a member state of the European Union, visa is not required, but if there will be pilots who need visas we will send invitation letters and/or letters of guarantee upon pilot/national team request.
No recommended vaccination is needed.

  • Early arrivals:

If any pilot or team plans on arriving earlier, we can make all the necessary arrangements - from accommodation to transports to flying sites and transfers from and to airports if needed. All concerning information will be made available on the competition webpage, allowing pilots and teams to contact us and arrange what they need in advance.

  • Customs & equipment importation:

Romania is a member state of the European Union and there are no entry restrictions for flight equipment. No customs declaration is required in this respect and there are no charges or other costs related to the use of flight equipment.

On non-flyable days trips to surrounding sights will be organised free of charge for pilots. Different tours can be organised, depending on the interest of the pilots.

Partys During the Competition
Sibiu, the city with the largest touristic in Romania, is known as an extraordinary party venue. In the central area and not only there’s a large number of restaurants, pubs, clubs, where on every given day tourists can enjoy a diverse offer in terms of entertainment.
Depending on the program and in accordance with the meteorological situation, we will organize traditional parties.
These events will be announced in due time to all participants..

Opening and prize giving ceremony
The Opening and Closing Ceremony will be organized in the Sibiu central square, the main meeting point for both locas and tourists, in the presence of the press and city officials. After the ceremonies we will organize traditional music performances.
If the weather is unfavorable, we will organize both ceremonies in the Sports Hall, located near the central area of the city.



The event is organized by: Paragliding club “AIR ADRENALINE SIBIU” and Romanian Aeronautical Federation.

HQ Location: Sibiu, Hotel My Continental


Standard room - single/night 43 EUR with breakfast included
- double/night 49 EUR with breakfast included
Superior room - single/night 47 EUR with breakfast included
- double/night 53 EUR with breakfast included
Apartment - single/night 78 EUR with breakfast included
- double/night 78EUR with breakfast included